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In the course of business, to make appropriate print quality evaluation is particularly important, the complexity of the process color printing is well known, a print production, often after ten several steps to complete, involving the company, staff, etc., in different environments different time, also print evaluation methods or requirements are different. So in this process, the need to set up some norms and corresponding observing conditions.
Therefore, we only have environmental restrictions such external factors, in order to give a subjective evaluation of printed matter, so can be called a fair and objective, in order to reduce the environmental impact of disputes, so the standard lighting conditions and standard light source is required .
Color print
Color can be divided into (1) the original color: the original color tone reproduction is the purpose of printing and copying, so that the original prints and achieve the highest standards of doubtful authenticity is the subjective evaluation of the extent of the points. (2) the same batch color: refers to the same batch of the same product color error between the position of the same hue area, the different sheets. (3) the similarities and differences between batches color: is the color errors between different batches of the same product, if each batch printing colors are slightly different, and when they put together, the customer will feel these commodities have divided the old and new, even suspect whether it will be like the inherent quality of the appearance of the same instability will cause distrust of goods, naturally arouse the manufacturer of printing product quality dissatisfaction.
As customers and those who want to print the value of this best color error is zero, but the actual production of various conditions, it is impossible to completely eliminate the color error, only by strengthening all aspects of quality control, product color quality control within the color difference standards. Color tolerance refers to the color the customer can accept or proofing proofs printed with the original between.
Subjective evaluation
After the color quality when printed subjective evaluation method is the use of visual observer visual or printed with the document goes to press proofs contrast, make their own judgments, the main consideration is to what extent quality color prints will be accepted by the customer.
Whether in the printing process, or to check the quality of the printing, the printing operator or quality inspection personnel should be ready with their feelings and experiences to replication fidelity and realism as the standard, the color quality of printed products make evaluations.
Replication fidelity is printed on the document refers to the degree of color tone reproduction. Print is a replica from prepress to printing color reproduction throughout the process, the document is based on our work, reproduce the original color tone is the purpose of printing and copying. Make prints with the original extent is difficult to achieve the highest standards of true and false subjective evaluation points.
When there is no original for comparison, color print quality and realistic about it, that it is consistent with the requirements of most people's memory of colors. Most people have preconceived object of common habits, if printed in color and body color different real objects, this printed matter can not be called high-quality reproductions. In short, the color quality is a subjective evaluation criteria print copy real, natural, coordination, of course, sometimes changes slightly with the intention of customers or use of the product.
The definition of the original
In the past decade, most of the original slides, photographs and hand-painted color artwork from photography, the dichroic proofing process, such as to be close to the original color reproduction will be considered valid. The printing places guests Dagao Approved as a criterion, as long as the matter sorted out to 90% of general considered acceptable.
But now the computer's original definition of more such guests on a computer screen or print out proofs satisfaction at seeing colors, they think this is the original. Whatever type of originals, they are recorded or appearing color may not be manifested in the general printing conditions, because each system has its own color reproduction gamut limitations. In the production process are concerned image capturing is kind originals, color plate were to be taken to achieve the phase plate as the originals, and printers as places with color proofing target.
Objective evaluation
Print color quality is the result of an objective assessment of the statistical methods to calculate the subjective evaluation, and then converted to its corresponding physical quantities, using as an objective evaluation criteria. This can eliminate the human factor in the impact assessment by standardized unified standards of fair evaluation of a variety of printed color quality, and ultimately make it more in line with most people's subjective evaluation criteria. Objective evaluation method is mainly the use of specific measuring instruments and tools, and the measurement and print images from a number of standard elements printed. Only by measuring, in a way to make it possible to control print quality automatically.
Color quality and production control
In order to produce high-quality color prints, we must strengthen the quality control of production processes, and quality control of the product mainly depends on the objective evaluation criteria, that is, to develop a rigorous specification data, using a variety of instruments to measure objectively and evaluation of print quality and color quality in other areas.
Objective color control management is to improve the small gap between the originals, proofs and between products. In the printing process, if you can print at any time to conduct random checks, you can find information through biased questions in time to find out the reason, the problem can be corrected, so as to ensure the quality of the print copy. In addition to the use of density as a parameter reflecting the color print quality parameters, it is necessary to promote a CIELab colorimetric values ??of color printing products as the detection quality.
Each step must be to implement information management, every step of detecting tools to detect, otherwise there will be a lot of errors. Now, as technology continues to advance, printing color control means has also been further developed, new color management system enables printing color control becomes easy and more effective.
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